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 About Us - Harpenden and Redbourn
cute_girl_little_danseuse.jpgOur childrens classes are stimulating and provide a healthy and fun environment in which children can exercise and express themselves. They are designed to help develop children’s physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality. The exercises are set to lively and enjoyable music which encourages good rhythm and a positive response from the children.  With today’s concerns over health, dancing is a fun way to not only improve fitness but it encourages creative expression, deportment and self-confidence.  Recognising that self-esteem is essential to a child's emotional development, we use praise and encouragement to develop this and emphasis in our school is on learning through fun and enjoyment.

We believe that dance at an early age gives children good stance and a certain grace which tends to be carried with them as they grow up.   

Our adult classes are designed to help lose weight, tone up and keep fit, develop flexibility, co-ordination and balance.  A recent study in the Daily Mail reported that taking up a dance class reduces the risk of developing dementia by a whopping 76%!  Our classes are fun and sociable and a great way to keep fit.

Dancing is also one of the most natural and exciting ways of keeping fit & healthy and is recommended to people between the ages of 2 and 92!