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Good afternoon...
I just wanted you to know that Olive thoroughly enjoyed her first lesson and can’t wait for the next! I met a lovely mum too, so that’s a win win. Lisa is very welcoming and approachable - would highly recommend. Keep up the good work. 
Regards Carla 2/10/19

Hi Penny,
I just wanted to send you an email to thank you (and Maria) for a wonderful first introductory year of dancing for Florence. She has honestly loved every moment; I hope she’s always been as enthusiastic in class as what we witnessed on Tuesday — she certainly comes out full of it every week. 

Her nursery teacher first suggested we find a dance class as she said Florence had a real passion for it; we are so pleased we came to you as that passion and her ability has really flourished with you. 

We’re both so excited for her to start Street Dance alongside ballet next term. Though, we will certainly miss you and Maria every week. 

I didn’t get the opportunity to come and thank you in person. Your kindness and patience has not gone unnoticed — we are so grateful for your lovely manner with Florence as well as your focus on getting her to improve her dancing technique. 
Thanks so much again and enjoy your summer break,
Kate (& Florence) 20/7/19

Hi Penny,
Just to let you know that Gabby thoroughly enjoys ballet with Kathleen. Kathleen is a great teacher and was brilliant at helping her transition from ballet with mum class.
Thank you,
Karen 19/7/19

Hi Penny,
Thank you for putting on the performance of The Lion King - it was fantastic and we would like to sign up for next term please.
Best wishes Jo 10/7/19

Hi Penny, 
Olivia turns 3 in September; will she be moving up to the next class? 
I just want to take the opportunity to say how great the lessons are. Marley is fantastic and Olivia enjoys the classes so much. 
Kind regards, 
Jo 6/7/19

Many thanks for giving the girls the opportunity to perform in the recent show, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we were very impressed! 
Catherine 4/7/19

Hi Penny
Thank you for putting on a great show a couple of weeks ago. We thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Also Evie mentioned about the professional photos. How do we order them please?
Richard and Ana 4/7/19

Hi Penny
Many congrats again on a fab show, I bet you’re proud of them all.
Katie 1/7/19

Congratulations to you and Marley on a wonderful show on Saturday ! I really enjoyed it as always and the children were amazing and as always loved the inclusive nature of the show as all the classes!  Each one I wonder if it will be my daughter’s last - I think this was her 9th!!!! But she always comes out on a high looking forward to the next!!!!
Rachel 24/6/19

Dear Penny
Congratulations to you and Marley on a very successful show, I’m sure a huge amount of work and preparation went in to it.
Naomi, 24/6/19

Hi Penny,
While I cannot accept any thanks for helping today, I did want to say thank you to you and your team for all that work to put today together.  It was Scarlett's first go at being on stage and being with people she does not know so well, but she had a great time, not phased at all and had been looking forward to it for weeks. 
Wonderful performances and so lovely for them all to have that opportunity to perform for everyone.
I know how much work these things take and how much extra effort it is to do.
A wonderful day.
Thank you again - I hope everyone is having a well deserved glass of something tonight!
Hermione 24/6/19

Dear Penny
Well done and thank you from all of us. Given all the various issues you encountered, I think that it’s truly amazing that children as young as 3 were able to put on that wonderful performance. Pass on our thanks to everyone, especially Marley and Sarah-Jane. Enjoy a glass (or two!) of wine tonight. You deserve it. 
Looking forward to The Greatest Showman next year. 
Thanks again
Martyn, Alexander and Philippa 24/6/19

Hi Penny, 
Hopefully you had a relaxing evening yesterday with a nice glass of something alcoholic!!  I meant to send this yesterday but well done to all of you for yesterday’s show!  I taught a drama class for a few years and found putting 2 classes together hard work.  The number of classes, ages and everything else going on was a huge undertaking and I’m not sure if everyone else truly understands how difficult it can be and the work involved.  
You and all of the teachers did a fantastic job and it was clear how much enthusiasm all of you have for your students.  Well done and thank you very much for giving Caitlyn the opportunity to sing as well.  She was very nervous but the more she does it the better!!  
Warm regards,
Julie 24/6/19

Penny, Elsie absolutely loved the class & hasn't stopped smiling. I'd like to go ahead & officially sign her up please!
Claire 18/6/19

Hi Penny,
Rose absolutely LOVED the ballet lesson last Saturday.  The teacher (Lisa) was wonderful.
We would love to attend these sessions from now on please.  
Kind wishes Ellie 31/06/19

Hi Penny,
Mia and Kai LOVED ballet and the teacher was ‘so beautiful and kind and lovely’.
Thank you Emily 30/4/19

Hi Penny,
Chloe absolutely loved the class on Saturday and Sanna was fantastic as she was a little shy at first.
We would therefore love to continue with the class.
Many thanks Julie, 29/4/19

Hi Penny,
Just wanted to dro you a line to tell you how much Eliana is enjoying her ballet classes.  The teacher is brilliant and so inspiring.
Thank you Helen, 20/3/19

Just to let you know that we can't wait to get back to ballet after the half term break.
Looking forward to seeing you all.
Regards Sarah 25/2/19

Just want to confirm that we will be there Wednesday. Ella has missed coming and can't wait to get back to class after the Christmas hols!
Many thanks Hayley  12/1/19

Good afternoon Penny,
Firstly I just wanted to say what a wonderful job Kathleen has achieved with Emily. I saw first hand last Saturday how far Emily has come on in her confidence. I was so proud to finally see her do something on her own without me by her side. Emily’s first ballet performance will stay with me forever. So please pass on my thanks and gratitude to her.
We would love for Emily to continue with that class in January, I forgot to hand the form back so I hope there is space still.
Have a fabulous Christmas and restful break.
Kindest regards
Sarah 15/12/18

Thank you  🙏🏻 to all the teachers from us at drama class Sophia has enjoyed every bit of it!!! She changed in her confidence this past year and yesterday thanks to all what she learnt at musical theatre she performed a fabulous year 6 production!! Also being the main carácter, all parents & school teachers so impressed. They said that Sophia has so much talent to give 😃

Have a lovely summer holiday !! 
All the best 
Jennifer 10/07/18  

Dear Penny & Helen

Many many congratulations on a fabulous show. It was a wonderful performance from so many of your talented students and we are very much looking forward to next year's.

Martyn 4/7/18

Thanks Penny it was an amazing show as ever big thanks to you and your team for making it possible!

Rachel 2/7/18

Hi Penny,
I would just like to take this opportunity to say how fabulous and adored Hannah is with Marley and Hadley, they really look forward to her classes and Hadley is forever teaching me and her sisters what she learnt in class! 
The show - the girls were all fabulous and they did a great job considering the amount of eyes on them! 
It was lovely to see them back in their outfits today and I am very happy with our lessons with Hannah that are structured and fun at the same time and she will be continuing her lessons for many years because she has really turned Monday classes around. Mine want to go every week!
Zoe 26/06/18

Dear Penny,

Just to say many congratulations on the shows. It was an amazing achievement and Juliet loved every minute of it.         Regards 

Rob 26/06/18

Hi Penny and team,
Well done to you and the teachers on another fabulous show.  I thought the children did exceptionally well.
Ursula 25/06/18

Hi Penny,
Just to let you know that Alice thoroughly enjoyed the performance yesterday and very well done to all of you for such an entertaining afternoon. 
Kind regards
Christine 25/06/18

Just to say thank you for a wonderful Adult Tap class last night, I loved it!!I cannot wait until the next one.  I will send payment tonight when i have finished work.  I look forward to seeing Gemma in a couple of weeks.....such fun!
Kind regards, 
Lynda 23/05/18

Hi Helen,
Thanks for your email - I was just about to call. Yes she absolutley she loved it the class with SJ on Thursday. Please can I book for the term and arrange a time slot to come to the ballet uniform sale?
Many thanks,
Emma 01/05/18

Hi Penny,
So sorry, completely forgot to pay for Tabitha's dance class. Just paid online. She will be very cross with me if she can't do her dancing class, she really loves it and is always doing her moves at home.
Apologies again and Tabitha will see April later.
Kind Regards
Jacqui 24/4/18

Hi Penny
I wanted to get in touch following Megan’s trial at Musical Theatre on Saturday. Megan was very nervous about attending as didn't know anyone but she was made to feel very welcome and was happy to stay. Afterwards she was in good spirits. She said she really enjoyed herself particularly the fact they are doing The Little Mermaid. Megan really wants to continue.
Kind Regards Claire 23/04/18

Dear Penny
Once again thank you for a lovely term of dance lessons and the end of term show was great to watch.
This is to confirm that Florence will definately be returning next term.
Regards Natasha 27/03/18

First of all, many congratulations on the performances on Saturday. We all had a wonderful time. Thanks to you and your team for a great show.
Martyn 30/6/17

Hi Penny
Now that Veronica has taken part in a Ballet show that was amazing by the way… :) She may be ready to take part in Drama class on a Saturday morning, because she truly enjoyed being on stage, I think would certainly boost her confidence talking with an audience.  Are there any spaces for September’s Drama classes? 
Thank you for your help.
Best wishes 
Jennifer  28/6/17

Hello there,
I wanted to also mention that I think Gemma's a fab teacher and i'm loving my new class! It's amazing how much comes back to you after a long break away from it! :)
Thank you,
Laura Holt-Thomas 8-2-17

Hi Penny
Great to see the photos in the local paper this week.
We enjoyed the show thank you very much. Clearly lots of hard work so well done.
Lisa 28/6/16

Hi Penny
Just a quick note to say how much we've enjoyed the concert - it was really lovely seeing all the children dancing so well. Congratulations
Diana, 28/6/16

Dear Penny
I've just paid for Katie’s DVD of the show.
I thought the children were absolutely brilliant so I'm sure we'll watch it once or twice!!!
Kind regards
Ursula 28/6/16

Dear Penny,
Thank you for a lovely show and well done to all the chidlren that took part.
Nina 27/06/16

Many thanks - and thank you for putting on a wonderful show!
Jenny 27/06/16

Dear Penny,
We really enjoyed the show on Sunday, it was fantastic!!!
Isla had so much fun and we can't wait for the 2017 show!!!
Thanks again,
Katherine 24/06/16

Hi Penny,
Sarah really enjoyed the class on Tuesday. It was wonderful to see all the little ones having so much fun!
Please could I reserve a place for her for future classes and next term.
Kind regards
Ellie 24/06/16

Hi Penny,
Esme attended a class at Kingsbourne Green a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed herself and would like to start properly if that's ok?
Jo 23/6/16

Hats off to you and your team the show was fantastic and the kids were so lovely wishes.
Devi 22/6/16

Hi ladies,
Very many thanks for yesterday- we were delighted to see Rosie on the stage as a tap dancing cat bless her!
Louise 20/6/16

Hi Penny,
The 'When Dreams Come True' performance on Sunday was brilliant - all the children did so well!
We completed an order form for a DVD and popped it into the box. How long will it take for the DVDs to be ready?
Kirsty 20/6/16

Amazing show today Penny!!!  Well done to all involved!
Nicola 19/6/16

Hi Penny,
Just to let you know that Emma adores Marley and she's come on leaps and bounds in her class :-)  we are delighted to continue with her.
Claire 01/04/16

Hi Penny,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much Milly is enjoying Ballet on Sturdays with Chloe - many thanks.
Susannah 06/02/16

Dear Penny,
Just to let you know that Abi has returned to Chloe's ballet 5:25pm class and she is loving it. Many thanks
Tammy 22/01/16

Sorry again for late payment.

Tammy Lethridge Hi Penny,
Archie has been very poorly for 2 weeks now, chesty cough that's not going away!!
But we will definitely come next week, he's desperate for his dance class .
We would like to move on to tap or street dancing next term. Archie has been extremely fortunate to have teachers like Maria & yourself as his 1st dance teachers & we have very fond memories of it all.
Thanks so much.
Archana  02/12/15

Hi Penny,
We just wanted to say a big thank you for the musical theatre which Emily and Rosanna have enjoyed enormously.
I thought the last show was the best of all. I actually thought the little ones excelled themselves in their first scene which was brilliant. The rest was great too. I think the sound was much improved as well.
I wanted to say a huge thank you to Candice, Nikki and Richard. The girls loved being taught by them. We all hope Candice and Richard's wedding plans work out well!!!
Thanks again
Rob, Clare, Emily & Rosanna, 22/7/15

Hello Penny,  Just to say the show was a joy to watch!  The girls can't stop talking about it and want to perform it again!
For us it was such a treat to see them involved in so much of the production at such a young age.  So thank you!
Enjoy the summer holidays.
Kind regards, Victoria 20/07/15

Hi Penny,
I thought the show was great on Sunday. Sofia was v pleased to be a part of it and it was also a big deal for her as she generally gets worried/anxious about performing or speaking in front of people. Thanks for everything. Have a lovely Summer.
Sarah 16/07/15

Hi Caroline and Penny
I just wanted to say that te show was fantastic and the photos by Carmel Jane were lovely!  Thank you very much.
Zoe, 16/07/15

Hi Penny
I wonder did you send the lovely photos of the Musical Theatre leads to the Herts Ad?
Polly really enjoyed the show and the work leading up to it - I thought they were very confident in their roles which was lovely to see.
All best, Becky 15/07/15

Hi Penny
Great show today – well done for all the hard work you and your team had clearly put in.  Some stunning performances and real little talents and moreover a chance for every child to shine.
Heidi 13/07/15

Hi there                                                                                                                                                                    Amazing show yesterday. Big thank you to you and Lisa and team.
Deirdre (Caitlin’s mum) 13/07/15
Brilliant show. Best ever. We all loved it!
Terry 12/07/15

Hi Penny
Molly has just come home from her trial at street dance with Kathleen.  She absolutely loved it and I also was very impressed indeed. This is exactly the sort of class I was looking for and tonight, in just one session she has learned so many dance moves and a little routine and totally loved it.  
Kind regards
Sally 27/04/15

Very much looking forward to the production of Charlie this year- Ella is LOVING musical theatre and it is doing her the world of good with her school confidence in presenting things back to the class too!
Happy Easter.
Best Wishes,
Angela 03/04/15

Hi Penny,
It was a lovely class to watch this morning, thank you.
Have a lovely Easter.
Kind regards,

Hi Penny,

Just to extend a thanks to you – Tilly received her certificate in the post today and was so thrilled.  Neither of us had expected she’d get a certificate for the pre-primary exam you ran and even better that it arrived in the post (doesn’t get more exciting than that when you’re 5!).

It’s a lovely certificate – one to show the grandparents and she had a big fuss made of her today, so thank you for taking the time and effort to send that through, plus the individual comments.  Really lovely, thank you.
Heidi, Tilly’s mum. 15/02/15

Dear Penny
Just a quick little note as I felt I had to write just to say how impressed I was when I went to the “parents watch” class on Saturday morning at the Harpenden Trust hall. I didn’t see the one at the end of last term, so I had been a bit in the dark about what actually happens in class and, to be honest, I wasn’t thinking that there would be much proper ballet or much learning from a group of 3 and 4 year olds. So I was so pleased and surprised to see Kate and her little classmates doing plies at the chairs and knowing the positions for feet and arms. I thought Lisa’s relationship with them was a great balance of fun while getting them to really learn. They all so tried so hard and were so eager to please her.
I don’t usually write notes like this but I just had to enthuse!
Thanks very much to Lisa and your team. Have a lovely Easter break.
Kind regards,
Nicole (Kate’s mum) 01/12/14

Hi Penny,
I wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying the lessons! Fraser is very good and I have noticed that the girls are learning real technical ballet moves. He is a brilliant teacher. The children seem to really like him.
Thank you so much Warm Regards,
Nikki 08/06/14

My daughter absolutely loved her trial. It was much better than the other dance school classes we've tried.  Many thanks.
Louise 20/02/14

Just to let you know that you all did a fantastic job on Sunday and I am very grateful.  I can certainly see a very big improvement.Cannot wait until next year!
Ines 22/05/14

Hi Penny, Well done to the children in Matilda, it was fantastic, my beautiful grand-daughter Courtney was wonderful, I am so proud of her, well done Candice and Nicky for all your hard work - welled up again- a thoroughly enjoyable performance by all.
Linda 20/05/14

Hi Penny
Congratulations on 2 great shows at the weekend!
Steve 20/05/14

Hi Penny, Caroline,
Thank you very much for arranging such a successful concert - what a special moment, unforgettable even, to see Ariane being so brave on stage.
I cannot imaging how much of your time and effort has gone into organising the concerts, so a big thank you and congratulations!
Diane 20/5/14

Hi Penny,
I just wanted to congratulate you on the magnificent production of ""Matilda"" you put on at the weekend.  All the children were incredible and so much talent!!! Ella really enjoyed being part of it. Well done!
Tracey 20/05/14

Hi Penny
Just to say we managed better for time today and she loved the class again. Kathleen seems fantastic!
Alice 01/10/13

Hi Penny
I just wanted to tell you how much Katie is enjoying her Ballet classes.  Sanna is really ""special"" - she has such a lovely manner with the little ones!
Deborah 29/9/13

Dear Penny,
Lizzy went to Sanna's class today and loved it - and it was so cute that I shed a tear! We'd really like to sign up to a term if you have room?
Many thanks,
Jenny 27/09/13

Hi Penny
Just to let you know that my two girls are counting the days until their class!!!
Colleen 17/09/13

Hi Penny,  Just wanted to say many thanks for your help.  Catherine absolutely loves ballet and it
was great seeing her dancing so well in Shrek and at watching week at the end of the summer term.
Alex 07/09/13

Hi Penny,
I just wanted to thank you - and Rachael - for all you've done for Amy this past year.
I missed her end of term performance in the Spring because we were on holiday, but I was there this week and was incredibly impressed with the work Rachael has done.  I have never seen Amy concentrate so hard, and be so focused.  She loves coming to Ballet and will miss it over the summer.
Best wishes,
Jo Cull 16/07/13

Hi Penny
Thanks so much for your help. We are moving to Australia in less than two weeks and life is a bit ridiculous at the moment. Lucky to find the children amongst the rubble! :)
Thanks again for everything. The children have absolutely loved ballet lessons and we all think that Sanna and Maria are brilliant. We'll definitely miss our Mondays at ballet!
With best wishes,
Peta  08/07/13

Hi Penny
Chloe is having a lovely time at your ballet classes Saturday mornings thank you!
I just.wanted to check what we do with regards to the Autumn term.
Thank you!
Kind regards
Jules Rennison 03/07/13

Thank you Penny - the show was absolutely delightful! Thank you for all your hard work. It paid off.
Cathy Matthews 12/06/13

Hi Penny
Thank you to you both for all your hard work producing a fantastic show.  Lola absolutely loved her part as a mermaid!
Kind regards,
Jane Evans, 20/5/13

Hi. Penny, I would just like to congratulate all of the children for a fantastic and enjoyable performance of Shrek, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance my admiration goes out to Candice and team for their very kind efforts  in bringing this all together. My grandaughter was a duckling and I thought her performance was outstanding!  Very proud, Nanna - eyes welled up many times. Well done Penny.
Linda Crane, 17/5/13

Dear Penny,
Thank you for a wonderful show yesterday it was magnificent and I'm sure a lot of hard work!!
How do I order a DVD?
Nicola Connolly, 13/5/13

Dear Penny,
I just wanted to let you know how much we all loved the how yesterday, so a huge thank you. Erin lived being in it and we loved watching it!
Eloise, 13/5/13

Dear Penny,
I just wanted to say Thank You and how wonderful the ballet show was yesterday at The Sandpit Theatre, we really enjoyed it so much.
My daughter Gaby  was part of the group of white swans and I can't tell you enough how full of admiration I was for her, as soon as she came on leading the group my eyes welled up and I got a huge lump in my throat! I thought she danced really well and she was eagerly watching Sanna, as all the girls did well too! Sanna was also truly wonderful in her solo dance and it was great to see how talented a dancer she is and to see what she passes on to all our little girls  with her expertise. I hope she gets better soon too poor thing! Gaby thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the dancing and she wished she was on stage a lot longer, as I did too!
The whole cast of children were just adorable and worked so hard at it to make it really lovely, I can see how much hard work it is to organise and put on a production like that, all the teachers and choreographers did a great job.
Big congratulations to you for giving us all the pleasure to watch Shrek. I cant wait for the next show.
I am interested in knowing more about the Musical Theatre Workshop for Gaby so please do send me more information.
Hope you are having a well deserved rest.
Many thanks and best wishes,
Johanna Wood, 13/05/13

Hi Penny
I just wanted to say what a great show it was, we really enjoyed it. I also wanted to say a big thank you to Tasmin, yourself and everyone involved as my daughter had a great time and loved the whole experience. She is quite quiet at class but she has been chatting away about the whole experience at home! I think she struggled with her owl mask a bit (although they looked very cute!) but she really concentrated on her performance and I'm a proud mum. I also thought the venue was good, a bit warm, but the seating enabled good views. Thanks for everything.
Zoe Patel, 13/05/13

Hello Penny,
Well yesterday was just outstanding.  Thank you sooo much.  I cannot believe at the progress Scarlett and all the kids have made.  Thank you soo much for organising it all and thank you to your team.  Great work!
Best regards,
Inna, 13/05/13

Hi Penny
Just to let you know that we really enjoyed the show yesterday! Thank you
Best wishes
Hayley, 13/05/13

To Penny and all the teachers,
Well done for  the amazing performance of Shrek! Isabelle had such a great day and loved every minute of it.  Great to see the Mayor of St Albans there too and the children seemed thrilled when she came on stage to talk to them all.
Thanks again
Sally Adams, 13/05/13

Hi Penny,
This is to congratulate for the wonderful performance of Shrek your dance school put on yesterday.
It was another amazing experience for my two daughters. Many thanks for you & for all of your staff.
Special thanks to Sanna as well.
Nuwandini, 13/05/13

Hi Penny, I would just like to congratulate all of the children for a fantastic and enjoyable performance of Shrek, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance my admiration goes out to Candice and team for their very kind efforts  in bringing this all together. My grandaughter was a duckling and I thought her performance was outstanding!  Very proud, Nanna - eyes welled up many times. Well done Penny.
Linda, 17/5/13

A big thank you to you all for a most wonderful show yesterday! It was lovely to watch and the choreography was amazing especially given how little some of the stars were!
My daughter enjoyed the day very much!
It has been amazing to see my shy nervous 3 year old turn into a confident nearly 10 year old who loves taking part in dance displays, school plays , assemblies and concerts!
Rachel 13/05/13

Thank you Penny - the show was absolutely delightful! Thank you for all your hard work. It paid off.
Cathy 13/05/13

Hi Penny
Thank you to you both for all your hard work producing a fantastic show.  Lola absolutely loved her part as a mermaid!
Kind regards,
Jane 13/05/13